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How It All Began

We are a young dynamic couple Pashi(33) and Kim (27) with a flair for food, a love for travel and exploration. We are
innovators who learn and adapt pushing the boundaries constantly. As Entrepreneurs and creative’s alike we see the world from a unique perspective .Our creativity often inspires innovation which spills over into our food, our social content development and finally into our strategic solutions in our businesses.As a newly engaged couple we set of on a life changing journey by entering My Kitchen Rules South Africa season 2 which airs on M-net and Dstv in a prime time slot and has a viewership of over 2.5 million viewers. After weeks of grueling and intense interviews we were short listed, eventually being chosen to be a part of the show. During our time on the show we saw ourselves face many challenges .

Our will and drive saw us face these challenges head on .Our journey leading up to the MKRSA prepared us both mentally and physically for the high paced high pressure environment.The journey started many years ago when we realized there was something missing in the south African food scene.As young children our parents ensured that we experienced many different cultures.Whether it was local visits or international holidays we found ourselves spending most of our time visiting historical sites and learning about various cultures through food,The love and passion for food started from these humble communities. Fast forward years later and we find ourselves drawing knowledge from these experiences; The Streets was a concept that was created to elevate humble street foods. by infusing cross cultural techniques and elements of gastronomy where we would showcase culture, heritage and diversity through modern and contemporary innovations. Both Kim and I set out on a journey 5 years ago to showcase our unique cuisine.It started with early mornings attending our local food markets where both Kim & I shared our food with the public.

Our food was well received, it was then that we realized that what we were doing was special and that there was a
gap in the market for the type of cuisine we were creating.Leading up to the show both Kim & I lost our grandparents to cancer, this was one of our lowest moments in our lives
which spanned three years , during this time we found ourselves balancing work , studying and our food dreams .
Losing our grandparents was very challenging for both Kim & I and our families but it motivated us to pursue our dreams , Our grandfathers who were our biggest fans would not give up even until their last breath and so we drew inspiration from how they lived . It fueled us to go head first into any challenge and take ownership of our lives .We managed to accomplish many feats on MKRSA :

1. Winning our group round
2. Winning the Stella Artois leadership challenge
3. Eliminating M squared in an epic dessert battle
4. Creating art with our Nirox Dish
5. Eliminating Maj and Jolene the titans in the semi-final
6 .Getting engaged on national TV and making history for South African television!
7. Making it to the final!

We have shared our Journey with the entire country and now we are ready to introduce our first innovative product Lady Tiffin Spice pots!


About Lady Tiffin

A Spice Journey

Lady Tiffin is a brand  that focuses on creating premium spice blends in the form of easy and ready to use spice pots for both home and professional kitchens , Our premium spices are carefully roasted and blended ensuring the perfect balance of flavours are replicated in every dish. Lady Tiffin  spices pots  take the hassle out of  buying individual spices , making it simple and easy to  create delicious restaurant quality dishes in the comfort of your own home, Now you too can create impeccable curries in 30  minutes having everyone believe you are a seasoned Chef.


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